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Who We Are

LISWIC is a group of 13 municipalities located in the Long Island Sound Watershed in Westchester County, New York. The Council was the result of a four-day Community Leadership Alliance Program, held in the spring of 1998 at Pace University Law School, where a group of municipal officials and leaders saw the potential benefits of working intermunicipally to achieve common goals.

Intermunicipal Cooperation

An Intermunicipal Agreement was signed that included these salient points:
  • the goal of a cleaner Long Island Sound (LIS) with the attendant responsibilities and benefits of protecting the LIS watershed;
  • prevention of non-point source pollution, remediation of existing pollution and the preservation of open space and natural resources;
  • appropriate development and restoration of the business and industrial districts to promote economic vitality;
  • maintenance and improvement of the quality of life including the quality of water and air, the control of traffic and noise,
  • the provision of open space and recreational opportunities, the cultural, social, scenic, aesthetic and historical assets of the area;
  • and
  • preservation and restoration of wetlands, watercourses and associated habitat areas.

Our Objectives

Our objectives include:
  • sharing information regarding development projects with intermunicipal impacts;
  • resolution of disputes regarding development projects that impact environmentally sensitive areas;
  • developing compatible comprehensive plans, zoning and land use regulations;
  • monitoring compliance and enforcement of regulations;
  • developing programs for educating the public and public officials;
  • securing and sharing federal, state and county agency funding;
  • coordinating efforts with federal, state and county agencies and authorities to assure that activities in the watershed are compatible with the plans and programs of the cooperating municipalities.

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